Plans for the Pedestrian Safety and ADA Improvement Project

August 15, 2023

Chatham Township Committee Unveils Detailed Plans for the Pedestrian Safety and ADA Improvement Project

Building on its earlier announcement regarding a $375,000 grant award for a pedestrian safety and ADA improvement project, the Chatham Township Committee is excited to provide a closer look into the specifics of the upcoming project. Engineer John Ruschke presented an in-depth public presentation at the Township Committee meeting on August 15, 2023.  The recorded presentation is available on YouTube along with a comprehensive PDF to keep our community members both informed and involved.

A total of 14 crosswalks across eleven locations along Fairmount Avenue will undergo vital improvements. These improvements promise safer crosswalks, reducing potential accidents and ensuring pedestrians can cross roads with added security. The upgrades will ensure that all crosswalks are ADA-compliant for accessibility to everyone, regardless of physical ability. Safer and more accessible neighborhoods often see a positive reflection in property values.

Mayor Ashley Felice remarked, “Our community deserves streets and crosswalks that are safe, accessible, and a source of pride. While we are eager to get started, we are also committed to due diligence. We encourage and welcome feedback from all our residents.”

The Chatham Township Committee actively seeks the community’s insights and feedback to ensure the successful implementation of this project. While the timeline provided is the ideal, the Township places a premium on thoroughness and compliance, potentially adjusting dates to ensure all standards are met and exceeded. Immediate neighbors and property owners will be notified personally via mail about the project’s specifics. The project demonstrates the Township’s commitment to involving the community in its decision-making, with open presentations and a call for feedback. While the aim is to initiate construction by November 2023, the timeline might see adjustments due to factors like NJDOT and Morris County approvals, meeting schedules, legal requirements, publication timelines, and unforeseen weather conditions.

For more information, queries, or feedback regarding the Pedestrian Safety and ADA Improvement Project, please email or refer to the linked video and PDF.

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NOTICE:  The Chatham Township Municipal Building will close early, at 1:30 p.m. on Fridays beginning May 24th through August 30th.