Virtual Public Info Session: Shunpike Rd Sidewalk Replacement

July 27, 2023

Virtual Public Info Session: Shunpike Road Sidewalk Replacement – Pine Street to Lafayette Avenue

The Township of Chatham is committed to ensuring transportation safety improvements that best balance the environment, community concerns, and cost. The Township will hold a virtual Public Information Center (PIC) to inform local residents, officials, and the community about the Final Design of the Safe Routes to School – Shunpike Road Sidewalk Replacement – Pine Street to Lafayette Avenue project. You are encouraged to participate by providing comments during the meeting, or in advance by mail, or e-mail.

The Meeting

To provide the public with the opportunity to learn more about the project, while observing the current concerns that the Covid-19 pandemic poses for in-person events, the PIC meeting will be held virtually, between 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM on September 19th, 2023.
To access the meeting during that time, please find the meeting under the “Chatham Township Calendar” section of the Township’s website (, under the Community heading and click on the link to view or participate in the meeting. Property Owners will have the opportunity to review the exhibits presented. Following a short presentation, the design team will field questions or comments that have been typed into the meeting’s “chat” function, located on the right side of the screen. Or call into the live stream (via a phone number that will be provided following the presentation). Questions/comments will be addressed in the order of which they are received, beginning with any questions that were received in advance of the meeting, as emailed to Mr. John Ruschke (contact information provided below). Property owners of rental units are advised that tenants are also invited and encouraged to participate.


The proposed project is to construct a sidewalk approximately 2,900 linear feet (0.55 miles) along the northern side of Shunpike Road (CR 646) from Pine Street to Lafayette Avenue. Shunpike Road is a high speed/high volume roadway with a lack of existing shoulders. The existing sidewalk along the north side of Shunpike Road is composed of deteriorating asphalt, that is plagued by gaps, obstructions, steep grades and conditions that are not conducive to a walkable community environment. The sidewalk reconstruction being proposed would upgrade the existing sidewalk along Shunpike Rd from Pine Street (near Cougar Field) to Lafayette Avenue for safer pathways to Washington Avenue School, Lafayette School, and Cougar Field, as well as other residential neighborhoods along the north side of Shunpike Road, and benefit the quality of life for the residents and visitors of the Township.

The Project

The project will reconstruct the asphalt sidewalk with an ADA compliant concrete sidewalk along the north side of Shunpike Road (CR 646) between Pine Street (at Cougar Field) and Lafayette Avenue, with granite block curbing at ADA curb ramps, and small sections of asphalt lip curb.. Minor driveway modifications and regrading of turf areas within the public right-of-way will be required. All impacted areas will be replaced once construction is complete in that area. Construction is anticipated to last one season. All work/work zones requiring any lane closures will be limited to one block stretches at a time, with access to all side streets maintained at all times. The Contractor will be required to complete any work that they began that day, at days end, to avoid open excavations, and reopen the full roadway width. No work will be permitted during nighttime/overnight hours. During work shifts, one travel lane will be maintained along one-half of the roadway which other will be used as a two-way lane, in which traffic directors (flaggers) and local Police will direct alternating traffic as necessary. During construction, driveway/pedestrian access will be maintained. Pedestrian detours will be used during construction of each work zone, pedestrians will use the existing 3 crosswalks at Pine Street, Lafayette Ave and Lenape Trail to access the south side of Shunpike Road where the sidewalk will have recently been completed under a separate contract. Prior to sidewalk construction directly within your driveway limits, you will be contacted to coordinate possible access impacts during sidewalk/driveway pouring/grading. If access is required during sidewalk curing time, steel plating may be placed over any newly constructed sidewalk, to allow for maintained vehicle access. A small number of driveways may have steep existing grades where constructing ADA compliant sidewalk through the driveway will have greater impact, the Township will contact you for further coordination. Owners of existing driveways that are not comprised of asphalt (ie. brick/granite pavers) within the public right of way, will be presented with replacement options to best match existing material. The existing sidewalk, which will be replaced in its current location, in a few instances, does extend past the public right-of-way, and will require temporary sidewalk easements for the replacement efforts. Property owners who are impacted by this were provided a letter detailing that temporary easement.

Anticipated Project Schedule

Complete Final Design: Winter/Spring 2024
Anticipated Construction: Summer 2025 (Pending NJDEP Permit Approval & Timing Restrictions)

Contact Information

For further information, please contact: John Ruschke, PE Township Engineer, Chatham

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